Visual Elements AS (everviz) - no code tool for simple data visualization and engaging storytelling. Co-founder/Chariman. Raised 2mnok for Bergen based angels in 2021, they exited in 2022 when Fonn Group invested a substantial amount. Board member since Oct-22.

Aimy AS -  Aimy is your personal AI assistant who ensures optimal staffing using artificial intelligence. Aimy is an automated decision-making tool that collects and analyses historical data from relevant systems, providing you with an optimized staffing plan in seconds. Angel investor and advisor to Sander the founder. 

TicketCo AS -  Event sales solutions for the modern age. With a pioneering technology we offer an all-in-one platform for events & venues to sell more, faster and easier. Angel investor and early stage advisor. 

Crescat AS - event mangement software built by event professionals for event professionals, Angel investor and board member.  

Digitaliq AS ( - saas covering all aspects of the process of whistle blowing. Angel investor. Angel investor and early stage advisor.

Restdb AS -   Simple online NoSQL database backendwith automatic APIs and low code javascript hooks. Angel investor and early stage advisor.   

Gründer Invest AS (invested in Beat Technology) - Beat  develops audiobook and ebook subscription apps. Angel investor.   

SGN Skis AS - western Norway based ski manufacturer of freeride skis. Angel investor and dedicated user.  

Pro Well Plan AS  -  easy and effective well planning platform. Angel investor and early stage advisor.

Jet Seafood AS ( - digital marketplace specially designed to solve the challenges of seafood trading. Angel investor and early stage advisor.  

Invertapro AS - Norway’s foremost insect rearing and breeding company, focusing on end-to-end processes around yellow mealworm (Tenebrio molitor) production.  Angel investor and advisor to management team.   


Wisub AS (exit to  Chairman. Raised 3,5 mnok for angel investors. Angel investor.  

Think Outside AS (exit to  Angel investor. All angel investors forced transferred to a SPV, zero returns on the exit.  

Roomr AS (bankrupt).  Angel investor.